Friday, September 21, 2012

Is Ajax TruClient a lifesaver?

Most of the time I prefer HTTP/HTML scripting protocol. Because it offers you to know all the details about requests and responses during replay and the actual load test.
But it's handicap is the correlation part for complex applications. For example i had to write a LR script for a GWT application. I wasn't able to complete all the scenario despite i followed these steps. There were a huge encoded block in the recorded scenario script and it wasn't a static part. I think the encoded part was identifiying some javascript codes or the state of the webpage.
While i was thinking that it is impossible to create a loadrunner script for that scenario Ajax TruClient came and rescued me. This add-on creates some sort of GUI based script like UFT (was known as QTP). The add-on does not involves the responses you get and the requests (that you have to modify before requesting) but just the clicks and javascript actions.
Hence it was very easy to create a loadrunner script for theapplication that i struggled. Parametrization is very easy for this type of scenario. The most important thing you must know is ofcourse the C languge (for writing some user defined functions) and JavaScript. The add-on gives you to opportunity to combine C and JS functions.

Lessons learned:
If you are working to much on a scenario, there should be another protocol that will make easier. So try Protocol Adiviser if you're struggling.
To open the protocol adviser
- Open the VuGen
- Navigate to File -> Protocol adviser -> Analyze Application
- Protocol Adviser dialog box shown
- Select the application type and other application details and press "OK" button.
- Perform major user actions on the application.
- Stop Analyzing
- Protocol adviser will show you the result automatically

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