Thursday, June 20, 2013

Exporting QC Projects bigger than 4GB

Exporting projects those are bigger than 4GB from siteadmin is a known limitation of QC 11.00. Fixing this limitation is being traced under enhancement request: QCCR1J17611. Until HP publishes a fix for this limitation you can use following steps for exporting big QC projects. I've described here how to restore these backups.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Getting defect time report for status change actions

In the analysis module of the QC there are bunch of report types that you can measure what is going on about the defects for your project. But some reports are missing. I'll describe one of the most important one.
If you want to see how much time spent for fixing a defect you have to check it's history section from the GUI. There is no way - at least i couldn't find - for taking this information from the predefined reports for all (or a group of) defects. Here is the SQL for how many hours passed for changing a defect's status (Closed and Rejected&Closed statuses are assumed to be final statuses for a defect). You can use these SQLs in the Analysis section by creating Excel Report or you may want to use them directly as a SQL statement via TOAD or you can embed them in an excel sheet.